Traffic tales of Ho Chi Minh City


From the moment a tourist walks through the doors of Ho Chi Minh City airport she is confronted by the extraordinary din of road noise and car horns.
More threatening though is the necessity of manoeuvering through cars and motorbikes that seem intent on a collision.
The road toll is high in Vietnam, but why isn’t it higher, given the chaos created by motorists and pedestrians alike?
Ruth McCosker decided to investigate.




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Ruth McCosker

Ruth McCosker is in her final year at the University of Queensland completing a dual Bachelor of Journalism and Bachelor of Communications degree, majoring in Public Relations. In 2012 Ruth participated in the UQ Abroad program, completing a semester studying print, radio and television journalism at City University, London. Upon graduation she intends to pursue opportunities to allow her to combine joint objectives of travel and the further development of key journalism skills. Ruth is currently freelancing for print publications with a local emphasis, while at the same time assisting a Brisbane based public relations firm. Ruth will graduate in November 2014 and wishes to pursue a career in television or print journalism.

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