The sound of letting go


It’s been 39 years since the war left Vietnam.
That’s almost four decades of feverish nightmares. Four decades spent battling demons. Four decades of unanswered questions.
The men who returned from battle, the men who came home to another kind of war and the men who had to rebuild a nation have spent their lives listening to thoughts and memories that will never go away.
On the eve of the fourth decade since foreign boots left Vietnamese soil, this is the sound of letting go.
Nikki Keating has that story.

Lest We Forget from sjcstudents on Vimeo.


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Nikki Keating

Nicola Keating will graduate this year from the University of Queensland with a Bachelor of Journalism. Passionate about writing and storytelling, she is currently the literary editor for Brisbane-based street press publication, Sartre Magazine. Nicola's particular interest has always been in foreign news and traveling, taking any opportunity to experience something new. This year has seen her delve into lifestyle and music journalism having worked with news agencies such as the Sunday Mail and U Magazine. While profiling is her first love, Nicola is keen to refine her skills in broadcast, radio and photo journalism.

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