Finding harmony in Huế


On the outskirts of the central Vietnamese city of Huế, travellers will find dusty unsealed roads carving their way through lush fields.
An expansive concrete bridge stretches from one side of a placid lagoon to the other.
Wooden fishing boats bob gently with the tide.
A half-hour’s drive from Huế’s hectic centre is a village of two-room shacks, sitting either side of the dirt road.
Mai Gia Phuong lies next to the Tam Giang Lagoon.
It’s on the edge of a bustling city and on the periphery of Vietnam’s booming trade sector.
The residents of Mai Gia Phuong have carved out a small piece of solitude within the mania.
This photo essay is by Thea Halpin.


About Author

Thea Halpin

Thea Halpin is in her third year of a dual Bachelor of Journalism and Bachelor of Arts majoring in International Relations. Thea is set to graduate at the end of 2015 and currently works as a freelance writer for several Australian publications. She hopes to work internationally as a features writer.

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