Vietnam’s developing dairy industry


Milk is widely regarded as an essential part of a balanced diet, providing the body with calcium and vitamin D.
But for the people of Vietnam, fresh milk is a luxury – something most simply can’t afford.

Rebecca Campbell explored Vietnam’s dairy industry to discover why it’s far from being the cream of the crop.


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Rebecca Campbell

Rebecca Campbell is in her third year of studying a dual degree in a Bachelor of Journalism and Bachelor of Law at The University of Queensland. Rebecca is particularly interested in investigative journalism and pursuing a career in print or television news. Her dream job would be to work as a foreign correspondent, combining her love of travel and learning about different cultures with working in news and current affairs. Rebecca has gained experience by freelancing for local newspapers and hopes to widen her experience through more internships while she continues her study.

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  1. I am in Ireland and would like to speak to Rebecca Campbell regarding her story on milk production in Vietnam