Remembering the original ‘boat people’ from Vietnam


Nearly 40 years since Australia experienced an influx of Vietnamese refugees, asylum seeker policy remains a hot topic of debate in Australian politics.  
Between discussions of Manus Island, off-shore processing and ‘regional solutions’ it is easy to forget the human faces of the issue.
Thea Halpin spoke to one of the first refugees to leave Vietnam for Australia about his experience, his homeland, refugee policy and the legacy of Vietnamese refugees in Australia.



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Thea Halpin

Thea Halpin is in her third year of a dual Bachelor of Journalism and Bachelor of Arts majoring in International Relations. Thea is set to graduate at the end of 2015 and currently works as a freelance writer for several Australian publications. She hopes to work internationally as a features writer.

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  1. A very interesting report, Thea. It’s good to hear the perspective of a refugee who arrived here when Australia extended compassion and hospitality to its needy neighbours and to be reminded of the many success stories which have emanated from that time. If only it were the same today.