Vietnam’s rice bowl running low


Rice is the staple diet for 50 per cent of the world’s population.

As climate change impacts continue to worsen, concerns are being raised for Vietnam’s rice industry and the people who rely on it.

Decreased rainfall, drought and increasing salinity levels are threatening the future of Vietnam’s economy and food security.

Researchers from Vietnam, Australia and around the world are working towards solving this crisis in developing technology to fight the battle against climate change. 

Georgia Gifford has the story.


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Georgia Gifford

Georgia Gifford is a fourth year journalism, French and international relations student at UQ. She has a passion for travel, culture and humanitarian issues. Georgia hopes to one day work in investigative journalism or documentary making on human rights, environmental and political issues. UQ in Vietnam will hopefully help her to expand her intercultural knowledge and gain invaluable journalistic skills for the future.

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