Media Outlets

“UQ in Vietnam” enthusiastically invites media organisations anywhere in the world to use our Creative Commons content. All print, photos, radio and television stories are free.

We ask only that the stories are attributed and not significantly modified.

Please attribute the content to “{Student Name}, The University of Queensland, School of Journalism & Communication.”

Audio: Simply right-click on the link and choose “Save As” to download an MP3 file to your computer.

Video: we’re shooting in 1080p 4:2:2, but compressing to 720p H.264 for Vimeo. To embed the video on your page, Vimeo offers a full range of embedding options under “share” in the top right of the video. If you need raw original vision, please contact [email protected] with your Dropbox or FTP details.

Images: we’re shooting in Large JPEG, mostly on 60D’s. Web images are 900 x 600, but if you need an original, drop us a line.

Also, please comment in the article about where and how you have used the story so that we can link to you.